Acquisition Deal Sourcing

Clarity generates proprietary acquisition deal flow.

We employ a disciplined and structured process that leverages our market research practice. Business owners are increasingly inundated by investor outreach. Our ability to open and sustain an acquisition dialog is rooted in our domain knowledge and up front collaboration with our client to define the add on acquisition goals. Business owners appreciate that we understand their business and can enunciate the strategic rationale behind our client’s interest.

We use a dartboard metaphor to think about add on acquisition avenues. By segmenting the universe of add-on opportunities, including adjacencies and other step out ideas, Clarity generates viable opportunities that other search firms likely miss.

Clarity approaches approved acquisition prospects using a series of professional outreach methods. Before we facilitate an introduction to our client, Clarity has had substantive conversations with the company to understand their business and ownership’s objectives. Our clients have an opportunity to review our write ups in advance of the introduction, enabling them to make a strong first impression that demonstrates their informed interest.

For acquisition opportunities that survive the introduction and enter into earnest diligence, Clarity is able to sustain a trust rapport with the owner and assist our client as appropriate. Business owners routinely share perspectives with Clarity that they might not disclose to the buyer directly, which can help us overcome obstacles in the diligence process.

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