Clarity has been expanding and refining our capabilities since 1994.

Clarity was formed in 1994 as a custom market research firm, focusing on industrial trades.

Clarity has moved beyond industrial markets to develop expertise in a variety of high technology markets, including life sciences, semiconductors, factory automation, communications, and clean technologies. We have also moved beyond manufactured products to include engineering services, distribution, logistics, and other areas that are closely allied to the manufacturing sector.

In 2002, Clarity established China field research capabilities. We now have a proven track record at delivering primary source research on China markets.

In 2006, Clarity established our buy-side M&A advisory practice. Since its inception, we have been continuously working to refine our methods, including the development of our executive backed investment thesis driven process for sourcing proprietary platform scale investments.

While Clarity has been in business for over 25 years, we remain a young company with a culture of continuous improvement.

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