Acquisition Support

Clarity provides a range of services to support our clients’ acquisition effort, helping ensure that deals get done properly for the right reasons.

Acquisition Strategy
Clarity produces studies that test the merits of an envisioned acquisition strategy. These studies typically quantify the size of the available market, evaluate key competitors, unmet customer needs and other market features such as product segmentation, margins, and key trends. Acquisition strategy studies also evaluate synergies with the client’s established business and profile industry participants. These profiles can serve as an input to a Phase 2 acquisition search.

Post LoI Market Due Diligence
Clarity has produced nearly 100 acquisition due diligence studies. In several of these cases, our study results have highlighted goodwill problems, likely competitive responses, unfavorable market trends or other findings that scuttled the deal. Whenever a deal is completed, the Clarity due diligence study becomes a post acquisition business development resource.

Outsourced Corporate Development
Many of Clarity’s clients have a seasoned corporate development staff and an extensive network of legal, financial, market research, environmental and other resources that are enlisted on a deal by deal basis. For clients that do not have such staff and resource network, Clarity can serve as a trusted advisor to support the deal process.

Post Acquisition Value Creation
Most acquisitions are justified on the basis of synergies. An incomplete understanding of how market factors will impact these synergies can create problems during the integration phase and beyond. Clarity evaluates market oriented elements of your post acquisition plans during the acquisition due diligence process. We add a measure of confidence that your basic justifications for the deal are valid — before the deal is completed. Moving forward, we can conduct follow on research to help execute the plan.

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