The Clarity Difference

Clarity’s business model defies easy categorization.
We have a unique set of capabilities and approach to helping
industrial companies enhance their enterprise value.


Clarity was formed in 1994 as a market research firm. For our first 10 years, we were singularly focused on custom research in industrial markets. It is in our DNA to work with management on defining a set of market research goals and applying primary source methods to gather ‘actionable’ market intelligence that enables better informed business decisions.

Industrial market

Clarity works primarily with B2B focused manufactures, allied distribution and business service providers. Across our nearly 25 years, we have produced hundreds of custom market studies across a range of industrial markets.

Integrated suite
of services

Clarity applies our market research skillset to a range of M&A engagement types.

For acquisition searches – we identify synergies that traditional search firms may overlook. Our high success rate at engaging business owners is traceable to our preparation and domain knowledge.

When we work with a client over time to groom it for sale, Clarity applies original research to identify unmet market needs  and the optimal growth avenues

Long view

Clarity is not dependent on success fees – so we can take a long view when working with our clients.

Many of our engagements involve value creation work in advance of a future liquidity event.

We cultivate a trust rapport with business owners, in many cases sustaining a dialog over the course of years until there is a true resolve to transact.


Clarity began by working for Diversified Industrials and corporate clients remain a key segment of our client base. We also understand the acquisition objectives of many Private Equity, family offices and private companies. Our deep network enables Clarity to match investors with closely held companies – reflecting the unique features of each business and its owners’ objectives.

Markets before

Clarity views the M&A space differently from most investment bankers. While we understand the importance of sound financials, our primary focus is on the market facing features of a business. We understand that great value can be created when growth is responsive to unmet market needs and other well understood market opportunities.


Clarity serves as a trusted advisor with a candid and objective voice. Many of our relationships with private companies were established through an acquisition search where the timing or fit were not ideal. Even where our fiduciaries are tied to an investor, we understand that deals only happen where they work for both parties.


Investment bankers tend to approach potential engagement according to the odds of obtaining a success fee. Given our multi faceted business model, Clarity is able to apply great flexibility and an unbiased approach. Our role can evolve over time based on our more fully formed understanding of the owners’ objectives, changing market conditions and deeper trust relationship.

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