Market Research

Clarity produces custom market studies that address a well defined set of research goals. We work closely with our clients upfront to define the research goals and how specified market intelligence will be applied. We employ a proven process involving advanced desk research methods, probing primary source interviews, and analysis that synthesize our findings into actionable market intelligence.

Typical applications for a Clarity study include:

Information Inputs For The Planning Process
Clarity is engaged by management several months in advance of a planning conference. We perform a consulting role during the proposal phase to understand how better information in certain areas might impact strategy. We then set out to develop the required information and present our findings in a roundtable fashion to help refine the plan.

Positioning Work

Clarity elicits candid customer feedback as a critical input for market positioning decisions. We collaborate with our client to develop a custom Interview Guide and then apply our Expert Interviewing process to engage buyers, engineers, consultants, dealers, and other defined interviewee types in a lively conversational style discussion. This ‘Voice of the Customer’ commentary is often dissimilar from the guidance that these same voices will share directly with their vendors. By distilling these research findings, Clarity brings the optimal positioning into focus.

Channel Analysis
Clarity applies our Expert Interviewing methods and deep understanding of industrial channels toward a variety of channel analysis studies. Clarity looks objectively at our client’s existing channels and applies a combination of competitor channel analysis, customer and dealer interviews and other inputs to help devise channel structure refinements which reinforce goodwill and stimulate sales.

Win Loss Research
Clarity conducts structured customer interviews in the wake of major contract wins and losses. Our quarterly reports help management adjust its practices to enhance the close rate and leave less on the table.

China Market Research
Clarity’s in-country resources conduct China field research in a variety of industrial markets. We are supported by an extensive network of Design Institute personnel and industry experts, enabling the research team to ramp up quickly. Most projects include site visits at prospective partners and competitors. By relying on Chinese market research professionals, we avoid cultural bias to develop an accurate market view. Our US based project management is able to present our findings through a western filter, helping management refine its China market development strategies.

Acquisition Strategy

Clarity produces studies that test the merits of an envisioned acquisition strategy. These studies typically quantify the size of the available market, evaluate key competitors, unmet customer needs and other market features such as product segmentation, margins, and key trends. Acquisition strategy studies also evaluate synergies with the client’s established business and profile industry participants. These profiles can serve as an input to a Phase 2 acquisition search.

Post LoI Market Due Diligence
Clarity has produced nearly 100 acquisition due diligence studies. In several of these cases, our study results have highlighted goodwill problems, likely competitive responses, unfavorable market trends or other findings that scuttled the deal. Whenever a deal is completed, the Clarity due diligence study becomes a post acquisition business development resource.

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