Add on Acquisition Process

In add on acquisition mode, Clarity works collaboratively with
our client to cultivate targeted proprietary deal flow and support
due diligence on compelling opportunities

Project Goals

Project definition is a critical precursor to successful engagements. We build consensus around the attributes of attractive acquisition candidates.

Depending on the complexity of the search, we may use a weighted scorecard to prioritize the attributes, such as scale, location, end markets served and engineering content.

Clarity can be enlisted in advance of a search to conduct custom market research that confirms the strategic merits of certain acquisition avenues. For example, Voice of the Customer Research can test an envisioned value proposition involving new products or capabilities.


Clarity applies captive market research methods to identify acquisition prospects that meet the target criteria.

We use a range of secondary source methods, such as distributor line card reviews and trade show attendee lists. We also use primary source methods among industry participants to hone in on key players in target niches.

Clarity’s research is distilled into a Prospect List which becomes a living document to monitor our outreach process


Clarity’s 20+ years of Market Research expertise is a critical input to our process. We are the only buy side
focused firm that maintains a captive market research practice with a focus on industrial markets. We
understand that any viable investment strategy relies on sound and actionable market intelligence.

Voice of the
Customer research
Prospect Outreach

Clarity employs a carefully developed proprietary outreach process.

Business owners routinely tell us that they get approached regularly and generally do not respond. Clarity’s success rate at engaging business owners is built on our understanding of the client’s business and rationale for recognizing synergy with targeted acquisition prospects. Business owners appreciate that we are knowledgeable and professional.


Clarity generally talks with the ownership of an acquisition prospect twice before we facilitate an Introduction to our client.

We understand that you cannot make a first impression twice, so we coach both our buyer client and the business owner on the objectives for the Introduction. This is generally a phone call facilitated by Clarity with next steps defined at the wrap.


Clarity runs a periodic team conference call to review the status of our search. We provide an updated Prospect List in advance of the call which details the status of each opportunity.

Due Diligence

Clarity leverages the trust rapport that we cultivate with business owners to advance the discovery process and due diligence.

Once deals reach Letter of Intent, Clarity can be enlisted to produce custom due diligence studies on market facing topics, such as competitor analysis and customer goodwill. We take pride in our objectivity and do not consider it a conflict of interest to help ensure that our client does not consummate the wrong acquisition.

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