Case Studies

The client is a large manufacturer of industrial process control gear. The client lags several international competitors in China, and the gap is widening. The client has made a strategic decision to substantially expand its footprint in China, focusing on Western manufacturers with China operations who specify Western gear for their facilities.

Clarity assembled a project team consisting of US and China resources, including our Tianjin based strategic partner and its extended expert network and Guanxi. Using criteria defined by the client, Clarity identified over 100 private and state owned Chinese companies that might be suitable partners. Based on this Phase One identification work, the client selected over 50 companies that warranted closer analysis. Our Tianjin partner conducted on-site interviews with senior executives at all 50 prospects, providing detail on their operations and strategies as well as their specific attitude toward partnership opportunities. By proceeding to establish loose partnerships with some of these companies and more formal arrangements with others, the client substantially improved its exposure to new business opportunities.

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