Tom Ramsey

Tom Ramsey is a 40+ year filtration industry expert. He possesses a rare combination of both technical and commercial expertise to recognize unmet market needs and address these opportunities with effective filtration solutions.

Clarity first collaborated with Tom in 2011 when he was our primary point of contact on a filtration industry acquisition search that Clarity conducted on the behalf of Kaydon Corporation. At that time, Tom served as Director of Marketing and Business Development for Purafil, Kaydon’s speciality air filtration company. The Clarity acquisition search was terminated when Kaydon itself was acquired by SKF.

Clarity worked with Tom on several filtration industry projects before inviting him to join the company as an employee in 2016.

Prior to Purafil, Tom served in various sales, marketing and business development roles for high technology fluids filtration and separation product manufacturers serving industrial, healthcare, consumer and laboratory market.

Tom spent 12 years at Porex, culminating as General Manager of the company’s Filtration Division. As a PE owned entity, Tom enjoyed an equity position which yielded an outstanding outcome while also introducing Tom to the mechanics of Private Equity deal dynamics.

Prior to Porex, Tom spent 8 years at Pall Corporation, where he held positions including Director of Sales & Marketing for the Industrial Fluids Microfiltration unit and VP of Marketing and Business Development for Pall Medical. He also spent 6 years at Cuno Corporation and 7 years at Sartorius.

In addition to Tom’s deep commercial expertise, he has a strong technical grasp of filtration applications. He holds 4 US patents in the areas of composite membrane technology, multi media porous structures, and three-dimensional molded porous structures for cartridge filtration.

In his role at Clarity, Tom serves as an industry expert to help define and execute on targeted filtration industry investment strategies. His rare combination of commercial and technical expertise is a key contributor to his effectiveness in this role, both in terms of earning the confidence in Clarity’s investment theses among our investor clients and enunciating these strategies to the owners of targeted private filtration companies.

Tom holds a B.A. degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is a long time member of the American Filtration and Separations Society and is currently a member of its Board of Directors.