Rich Sheiman


Rich Sheiman formed Clarity Consulting, Inc. in 1994. Prior to forming Clarity, he worked for Harlan Brown and Bassich Associates, DC area market research firms. He also worked in engineering project management at Logitech.

Under Rich’s leadership, Clarity has continuously enhanced its range of capabilities, always sticking to a core capability of probing custom market research.

In recent years, Clarity has increasingly focused on M&A engagements. Rich has been the mason of Clarity’s M&A foundation, applying the firm’s research expertise to acquisition prospect development and acquisition due diligence. He is the framer of Clarity’s core business thesis, that every major business decision demands the best information available.

Rich earned a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from the Haas School of Management at UC Berkeley.

In addition to his activity at Clarity and helping raise 3 kids – Rich is a board member and current legacy investor at several early stage companies and private equity platform investments, including ZetrOZ, SwiftIQ, Mobius Logistics, Bluff Manufacturing, ECS Environmental Solutions and Ithaca Beer.

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