Ke Xiaodong

Mr. Ke (Bob) has extensive market research experience in  China. When he first worked with Clarity he was affiliated with InterTech Corporation of Tianjin. He has also worked for the Asian Development Bank

Previously, Mr. Ke was a researcher at the Lab of Trace Elements at the Institute of Endocrinology at Tianjin Medical University. He was also sponsored by the World Health Organization for a one year research fellowship at Cornell University’s Nutritional Sciences department. He earned a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a Masters Degree in Nutrition at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Mr. Ke serves as Clarity’s principal in-country contact for China research engagements. He is fluent in English and worked effectively on multiple Clarity projects, specializing in China field research, identifying potential channel partners and acquisition prospects, and serving as translator for meetings.