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Clarity’s sell side engagements begin with a careful review of the client’s business and the owners’ objectives. Each sale process is carefully crafted given the unique set of circumstances.

Our business model is not dependent on success fees, so we can take a long view to help groom companies for a future sale. We also understand that many business owners are reluctant to run a broad competitive sales process and can facilitate transactions in other ways.

Clarity’s nearly 25 year focus on industrial markets and our captive market research capability enable us to outperform much larger investment banks when it comes to enunciating a company’s competitive position, customer goodwill, and market opportunities. By developing a robust understanding of our client’s market positioning and performing careful buyer research, Clarity is able to qualify the broadest set of potential buyers and effectively promote synergies that a finance driven process overlooks.

We reject the notion that prudent investors will not pay for the growth potential of a business. The keys are to defend that growth potential in a structured and fact based manner and demonstrate a professionalism in all dealings so interested parties calculate a similar level of diligence with other buyers.

On a situational basis – Clarity collaborates with Billow Butler & Company, L.L.C, a FINRA member firm with a similar focus on industrial deals and a shared philosophy on how to run an outstanding sell side process.

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