Grooming Companies for Sale

Clarity works to enhance the value of companies that are planning to sell. We apply a fact based and objective process that compares the current value of the business against its likely future value based on certain organic and/or acquisition initiatives.

Coaching Services for Owners
Like a personal trainer who assesses their client’s core strength and willingness to make certain changes, Clarity works with business owners to help groom their company for sale. Clarity’s coaching process begins with an objective assessment of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. We provide a baseline estimate for the current value of the business if it were sold today and counsel ownership on various exit options. Depending on the owners’ timeline, risk profile, and other considerations, we can craft a value creation plan for the business and stay involved to assist in its execution. Where we obtain the subsequent mandate to sell the company, Clarity is in an excellent position to promote the company.

Acquisition Pipeline
Companies are generally worth more when they go to market if they have a formal acquisition program. Even if the company has not completed an acquisition, investors recognize the growth potential embedded in a carefully developed acquisition pipeline. This pipeline is often a key component of the value creation plan for sophisticated investors working across a 3 to 5 year investment horizon. Closely held companies can apply this same value creation strategy when they are resolved to sell in the medium term.

Market Study on Growth Segment of the Business
Clarity has enjoyed strong referrals from leading investment banks – to work with their client on a market study that analyzes a growth segment of the business in advance of the banker’s sell side process. These studies provide an independent factual analysis of this growth segment – enabling the banker and management to defend their forecasts and get paid a premium for forecasted¬†growth

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