• Richard Sheiman


    Rich Sheiman formed Clarity
    Consulting, Inc. in 1994. Prior to
    forming Clarity, he worked for
    two primary source research firms.

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    • Liz DeVivo

      Liz DeVivo manages Clarity’s back office and supports our market research activities. 

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    • Tom Ramsey

      Tom Ramsey is a 30+ year
      filtration industry expert. He
      contributes a rare combination of technical and commercial experience.

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    • Paul Drobnitch

      Paul is a seasoned M&A professional with broad transaction experience

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    • Elaine Maurer

      Elaine Maurer has over 20 years
      experience in market research,
      both in-house and as an
      independent consultant.

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    • Erik Hoover

      Erik Hoover has been advancing Clarity’s secondary source research methods since 1996.

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    • Stephen (Steve) Drozdow

      Steve Drozdow is a seasoned
      executive with
      experience in Strategy, Marketing
      & Sales, and Operations.

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    • Ke Xiadong

      Ke (Adam) Xiadong serves as English language translator and Project Manager for Clarity’s China field research engagements.

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