• Rich Sheiman


    Rich Sheiman formed Clarity
    Consulting, Inc. in 1994. Prior to
    forming Clarity, he worked for
    two primary source research firms.

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  • Steve Clapp

    Managing Partner

    Steve Clapp joined Clarity in
    2006 to help launch the firm’s M&A advisory practice.

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  • Stephen (Steve) Drozdow

    Operating Partner

    Steve Drozdow is a seasoned
    executive with
    experience in Strategy, Marketing
    & Sales, and Operations.

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  • Tom Ramsey

    Managing Director

    Tom Ramsey is a 30+ year
    filtration industry expert. He
    contributes a rare combination of technical and commercial experience.

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  • Elaine Maurer

    Vice President

    Elaine Maurer has over 20 years
    experience in market research,
    both in-house and as an
    independent consultant.

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  • Matt Montague

    Vice President

    Matt Montague contributes
    diverse industry experience and
    market analysis skills to the
    Clarity Research roster.

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  • Ke Xiadong

    VP, China Research

    Ke (Adam) Xiadong serves as English language translator and Project Manager for Clarity’s China field research engagements.

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  • Erik Hoover

    Vice President

    Erik Hoover has been advancing Clarity’s secondary source research methods since 1996.

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Mike Walther

Mike Walther contributes operations management and a Lean manufacturing skillset to the Clarity team. He principally focuses on M&A activities related to engineered seal & gasket solutions,

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Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson has over 37 years of experience in engineering and operations management, the last 15 years as President of Dover Corp’s, Cook Compression unit.

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Joe Meissner

Joe Meissner is the founder of
Executive Capital Partners – a buy side M&A advisory firm that specializes in executive based deal sourcing.

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Jonathan Meyerhoff

Jonathan Meyerhoff has been
involved in business development,
sales, sales training and marketing
consulting for over 20 years.

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Scott Moore

Scott Moore has a PhD in Materials Engineering, contributing strong
technical background, in a wide range of technologies, to the Clarity team.

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Rick Fleming

Rick Fleming has 25 years of Lean Manufacturing experience. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a certified lead assessor for ISO/QS-9000

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Mike Pinnisi

Michael Pinnisi has over twenty years of legal and business experience centered around the protection of intellectual property

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Ted Popovich

Ted Popovich has 25 years of
experience managing China operations and sales & marketing functions.

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Bill Overell

Bill Overell provides executive level financial consulting services. He is routinely engaged on an interim CFO basis.

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Jessica Tracey

Before joining Clarity, Jessica
was an investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers.

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He Qiyi

He (Adam) Qiyi is an expert at China field research. He has worked on many Clarity engagements.

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Corey Reardon

Corey Reardon has 25 years of
experience in the printing and
converting trade.

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May River Capital, LLC

May River Capital was formed in 2012 by Chip Grace, Dan Barlow and Steve Griesemer. Prior to forming the firm, Chip and Dan each spent over a decade with operationally focused PE firms, Wynnchurch and Valor Equity respectively.



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