Argosy Private Equity

Argosy Capital was formed in 1990 by John Kirwin and Kirk Griswold to manage the capital of a family office. The firm currently has approximately $1 billion of assets under management, including Argosy Private Equity with $600 million of AUM.

Peter Salmon joins Clarity

Peter Salmon contributes deep domain expertise in food science to the Clarity team. He is adept at working with manufacturers on value creation initiatives involving innovative and healthy foods, beverages, dietary supplements and nutritional additives.

Industrial air filtration growing 3X GDP through 2024

The world of filtration technology touches our lives every day. From the automobiles to mobile phones we use and the clean air and water we consume, filtration technology is widely adopted. The filtration industry has grown at more than 2x GDP for decades and projections call for sustained growth.