Growth Capital

Clarity works with closely held businesses that have a well defined growth plan and need capital to execute.

We can support the healthy organic and/or acquisition plans of private companies in a variety of ways. We use a consultive approach and candid dialog with ownership regarding their personal objectives and the needs of the business.

We understand the truism that it takes money to make money. While many businesses can fund their growth through on-going operations, the pace of growth may not be optimized. This may introduce competitive risk factors and other challenges. Raising additional debt or equity to finance growth plans can mitigate those risks and overcome many challenges, allowing for growth to progress at a faster pace.

Deal structures can take a range of forms.

One mode where we have had great success is matching the business owners with the right private equity sponsor based on their domain knowledge, operational experience, or other key factors. The owners stay at the helm and retain equity, working collaboratively with the financial partner to enhance the value of the business.

Another mode applies where the owners prefer to retain control and engage Clarity to advise them on raising growth capital from a financial partner that is capable of providing debt or equity financing to support the owner's growth plans. Clarity runs an efficient process to minimize distractions to the company so the owners and management can focus on running the business. The Clarity process leads to greater competition, better terms, and a broader choice of financial partners who have a greater comfort with the business and strategy. Our fees are offset by the superior terms our customers get through the Clarity process.